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Friday January 19 2018 

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365402 visitors
since January 10, 2008

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Would you be interested in buying a founders brick for the construction of the new concession stand?

Yes: 139

No: 68

Total Votes: 207
Did the website for the 2011 season keep you up to date?

Yes: 4

No: 1

Total Votes: 5
What do you look forward to the most this summer vacation?

No Homework: 1

Sleeping In: 2

Going to the Pool: 0

Summer Camp: 0

Hanging with Friends: 3

Total Votes: 6
Would Deron Wiliams playing in Turkey be a good move?

Yes: 1

No: 0

Total Votes: 1
Which outdoor adventure would you most like to do?

Bungee Jumping: 2

Sky Diving: 3

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon: 2

Climb to the top of Mt. Everest: 1

Total Votes: 8
If you ran away and joined the circus, which circus job which you most like to do?

flying trapeze artist: 1

lion tamer: 1

human cannonball: 4

tightrope walker: 0

Total Votes: 6
If you had to live for three years in one of these fantasy places from tv/film/literature, which one would you choose?

The Land of Oz - in Munchkinland: 1

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: 1

Never Never Land, with the Lost Boys: 0

Aboard the Starship Enterprise: 0

Captain Nemo's Underwater City: 0

Alice's Wonderland: 0

Narnia: 0

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory: 2

Total Votes: 4
What is your favorite part of baseball?

Hitting: 1

Pitching: 2

Fielding: 0

Catching: 1

Other: 1

Total Votes: 5
Favorite M & M Color?

Red: 1

Yellow: 0

Green: 3

Brown: 0

Other: 2

Total Votes: 6
Would you be interested in an Equipment Exchange Program?

Yes: 15

No: 1

Total Votes: 16
Would you like the option of registering your child online instead of in person?

Online: 41

In Person: 2

Total Votes: 43
What would you like added to the concession stand this year?

Pretzels and cheese: 41

Hamburgers: 36

Pulled pork sandwiches: 20

Fresh fruit: 23

Total Votes: 134
Whats your favorite thing to do at the ball fields

Up to bat: 22

On the field: 10

Visiting with friends: 5

Concession stand: 3

Swings/Playground: 1

Watching games: 15

Total Votes: 56
Who is your pick for the World Series

Yankees: 16

Tigers: 36

Rangers: 1

Devil Ray's: 0

Cubs: 4

Mariners: 0

A's: 1

Dodgers: 4

Total Votes: 62
What are you most excited about for the season to start?

seeing friends: 5

warm weather: 7

sound of ball hitting metal bat: 3

sunflower seeds: 2

getting new glove: 0

trying for a home run: 6

being on a new team: 1

learning new drills: 2

Total Votes: 26
When taking the field, what is your favoite position to play?

Catcher: 17

Pitcher: 20

First base: 12

Second base: 7

Short stop: 10

Third base: 5

Out field: 11

Total Votes: 82
Who's your Tiger?

Magglio Ordonez: 12

Curtis Granderson: 14

Brandon Inge: 11

Placido Palanco: 2

Justin Verlander: 5

Ivan Rodriguez: 2

Miguel Cabrera: 2

Other: 0

Total Votes: 48
What do you think of our new website?

Amazing!: 30

Really Good: 11

Not Bad: 3

Needs Work: 4

Total Votes: 48